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LiveLeak, bias, and the eternal quest for personal accountability.

Posted 03-21-2008 at 03:03 AM by LL_Hayden
We often hear cries of bias against LiveLeak, it's something many of us have become familiar with. This being the case I decided it really couldn't hurt to put down in text a little bit about how LiveLeak operates.

The first thing we should recognise is that no individual can be totally unbiased, there will always be something you feel more strongly about. This is human nature. So, as a consequence, none of the staff on LiveLeak are unbiased as individuals. This is where the team comes into play.

On the admin level and above we simply check ourselves and each other. Our goals are the continued success of the site. Because of how LiveLeak operates for us to show bias to any single group, country, or religion, would be to destroy the site.

With mods we choose people from varied backgrounds. This creates a team that will always balance itself. Allied to this is the fact that the mods, both on the site and in the forum, actually share our core values of allowing a voice for all, means we have teams we can trust.

I see quite a few people claiming they were banned for their opinions or beliefs. That a moderator was out to get them because the moderator supports a different team. Yet every time I investigate these complaints (and we investigate all of them, be under no illusions) we always find the members have indeed screwed up and broken the rules. On some occasions there have been mistakes. On the main site it could be mods cross moderating, or on the forums a simple error in hitting the wrong button. These are normally fixed. We will gladly admit when we get things wrong because we can learn from our errors and this, in turn, enables the site and community to progress.

Our rules are to govern the site but not your opinions. The rules, if you read them, are merely there to ensure you can voice your opinion but within a certain rule set that prevents too much disruption. In a utopia we wouldn't need any rules and people would learn to respect each other. Here in the real world even "freedom of speech" needs certain limits on its expression. There is always a way to voice your opinion within our rules. If you cannot manage this perhaps you should go away and think about why you are unable rather than blaming a website.

Your media is expected to meet our terms and conditions. We expect you to be informative in your titles and descriptions and not use them to push an agenda (let the media or information do the talking. Editorializing simply alienates people a great deal of the time). Even if we, on a personal level, detest your media and message and find it offensive it will still be judged against our rules and not against our personal values.

Your beliefs have no bearing of our opinion of you. Your faith is none of our business. Your political opinion means absolutely nothing when it comes to how we will treat you. Individuals can be biased, but as an organisation LiveLeak is something I am terribly proud to be a part of because it does not differentiate between cultures or religions when it comes to the rule set or how members are treated. Remember to treat the mods as you would wish to be treated and you might find even more help and understanding. We do not encourage our mods to go out of their way to explain things to abusive members. You would never get served in a store with an abusive attitude, what on earth makes you think it will get you results on here?

Remember, you can question us, offer constructive criticism, even make a new account and ask for explanations. We will do whatever we can to ensure you are all treated equally and fairly. This isn't some faceless corporate entity. We're people just like you and we want you all to enjoy it here as much as we do.


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I feel like an arm-chair mod sometimes.

Other times, I witness the poopoo du jour that you must endure, while remaining objective. I envy that ability.
Posted 03-21-2008 at 04:36 AM by
BeenThereDidThat's Avatar
Excellent Hayden!

This was also something I touched on once in a thread. LiveLeak is diversified. And with diversity you will have dispute. At what point does it become bias?

Anytime some one does not see something on the same level, the bias word comes out. Anytime you are heated in an argument, and asked to calm down. It is considered bias.
Bias encompasses many things in life.

The problem with life, is you cannot live with out being bias. And the most bias statements I have heard on LiveLeak is “ LiveLeak censors what you say!”. The most bias people on LiveLeak. Are the users themselves!

Acceptance is the hardest part of any community! For those that run the community, and those that live in the community! And with acceptance you need balance. Balance of power, and rights.

With what Hayden said, with mods of different origin. I believe Hayden has provided the opportunity for both balance and power!

One thing that Hayden did not mention, that I know is true! Mods will not always act on there own. They will confer with each other if in doubt!

I say again Hayden. EXCELLENT!
Posted 03-22-2008 at 06:41 PM by BeenThereDidThat BeenThereDidThat is offline
Mangawitch's Avatar
Nicely put Hayden...I've never known LL to be bias - always fair - always straight down the line.
Good work.
Posted 03-23-2008 at 03:46 AM by Mangawitch Mangawitch is offline
JumpinJack's Avatar
At the end of the day, no other site can grab my attention as much as LL. The videos are excellent, the people are diverse and, the site well managed. You just really can’t ask for more. Thanks
Posted 04-07-2008 at 04:38 AM by JumpinJack JumpinJack is offline
scorpusmaximus's Avatar
Good stuff, Hayden.

The relative freedom and lack of bias from the top is one of the reasons I am here.

A free market of ideas and opinions.

But we must not let that market devour itself into complete, free anarchy. Reasonable and agreed upon behavior guidelines must be adhered to. Admins maintain the physical foundation the market rests upon. If the site cannot cover its costs, the marketplace (in the form) ceases to exist. If the reality of covering its costs requires the site to adhere to certain behaviors (that some may deem biased or incorrect based on their perception) in order to exist, so be it.

Even beyond that, we are guests in your home and should act accordingly (aka The House always wins). Sometimes any one of us can forget that in the heat of seemingly dire and important keyboard battles. Ha!

And I have had Mods make mistakes with me. They were very professional about it and I was always satisfied with the outcome. As long as they carry themselves with and are held to the same standards of behavior expected of all of us, there should not be any problems of bias or agendas on their end.

Keep up the good work.
Posted 07-13-2008 at 10:55 PM by scorpusmaximus scorpusmaximus is offline
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heloo, is anyone here?

Technologically challenged and need assistance!
Posted 09-05-2008 at 06:58 PM by BabeezMomma BabeezMomma is offline
Didn't vote in the banned- unbanned poll. It is not my right, only my opinion who should be heard.

Voting on who should be heard seems to go against everything I believe in.

Mostly keep to myself because I don't want any of you derels interfering with my ability to pick-up hot chicks.

My only problem with LiveLeak right now.

No Preview again. What in the hell are you guys going to do to fix that?

It's not cool trying to save the world with a no preview vid.

Just click on this blank crap?
Posted 03-21-2009 at 04:25 AM by freedomplow freedomplow is offline
JLchuy's Avatar
Well explain, thanks.
Posted 12-08-2012 at 09:01 AM by JLchuy JLchuy is offline
"Remember, you can question us, offer constructive criticism, even make a new account and ask for explanations. We will do whatever we can to ensure you are all treated equally and fairly. This isn't some faceless corporate entity. We're people just like you and we want you all to enjoy it here as much as we do."

Posted 05-10-2014 at 04:30 PM by intelligram intelligram is offline

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