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Monday - April 14th 2008 - TOPIC: Stupid Drivers

Posted 04-14-2008 at 05:34 PM by Radio-Man

Drivers Ė My rant on stupid drivers...

So Iím sitting behind someone at a red light this morning. The light turns green but the douche bag in front of me is reading the Wall Street Journal and eating cereal, thatís right, a bowl of fucking cereal! I honk my horn and instead of moving he letís go of the gas pedal and then slams on his brakes Ė his retort for my honk. NEVER do that with me behind you! So I lay on my horn until he finally steps on the gas, at least 5 seconds he stayed there just to piss me off. Now the people behind me are pissed so they begin to honk at me. I floor it and pull up next to him but his windows are rolled up. I stay right next to him just waiting for him to look at me but to no avail. I catch him at the next red light and Iím right next to him. He is still eating his cereal mind you. I honk my horn to get his attention and instead of looking at me he flips me off. OH MAN! You want to talk about seeing red, I was fucking livid. That finger is all it took for me to reach down, grab my chuck of pennies sitting there and chuck them at his car. Now I got his attention. He looks at me only to see me revealing my finger so I threw him the second finger to make it official. Light turns green and Iím heading to work smiling.

PEOPLE Ė you are in your car to get to points A and B and whatever comes in between, thatís it. I see people with TVís in their cars nowadays. WHAT IN THE FUCK DO YOU NEED A TV FOR IN THE FRONT DASHBOARD? Sure theyíre great for the kids when they come preinstalled for the BACKSEAT passengers, not the driver! Itís not your office either, if you need to have a serious discussion PULL THE FUCK OVER and not interrupt the people who are trying to get from A to B.

If youíre traveling down a road with three lanes then stay in the middle so people can turn off or on either lane on both sides of you, thus using the left passing lane to pass the slower drivers in the middle.
Red-lights, when you approach a red-light it does not mean adjust your makeup or check your nose hairs for fucks sake! You are on the road to drive not work, eat, drink, etc...This is why I installed a ferry horn in my truck...turns their clean underwears into a mess when I rock that thing.

This has been a rant from your good buddy Radio-Man and I approve this message.

Stay-tuned, I have way more to come...
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sluggoo's Avatar
sup RM. crazy story bud. I see it all too often on the streets and freeways of LA. drives me nuts. they finall just passed a law here in calif. for hands free phone operation.

the TV thing in the dashboard, dunno bro, I just don't get it. should be outlawed
Posted 08-14-2008 at 10:36 PM by sluggoo sluggoo is offline
I feel your anger radio, people don't understand that driving (for most of us) is the most dangerous thing we do in the course of a day.

I like the comparison of drinking twelve beers and watching a movie, you will still remember the movie to an extent. Try talking on the phone or to a friend while watching a movie, how much will you remember.
I am not saying it's safer to drink and drive than drive while on the phone or having a convo with your passenger. I am saying it is extrememely dangerous to drive while not paying full attention to driving.
I am still alive after hundreds of thousands on two and four wheels, combined, I probably have have a million miles on motorized conveyances and I still pay gangs of attention whether driving or riding.

Good entry Radio, I approve.
Posted 09-29-2008 at 06:37 PM by cvnenglish
The best one I've come across was a woman driving at 100kpm (or about 80mph in USA) eating a bacon & egg burger while talking on the phone and typing away on a computer siting in the steering wheel, down goes the burger onto the dash and up comes a cup of coffee never looked at the road!
Posted 06-10-2010 at 06:57 AM by gwall gwall is offline
TheDoctorAaron's Avatar
Thank GOD I have never had a problem with road rage. Grow up man! Learn some patience!
Posted 02-02-2011 at 12:50 AM by TheDoctorAaron TheDoctorAaron is offline
TheDoctorAaron's Avatar
As a professionally trained driver who used to work for FeDEx, I always drive 5 to 10 miles below the posted speed limit and usually stay in the right lane unless I have to pass someone. There are some on the road who would benefit greatly from a professional driving school.
Posted 02-02-2011 at 12:53 AM by TheDoctorAaron TheDoctorAaron is offline
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