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htos1 07-19-2016 08:31 PM

My Best Buddy
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I've been somewhat low this past week. I lost my Chihuahua Mr.ZeeBee. He was a great dog! We bonded the first day when he was just a few months old. He was planned as a joint effort between two families. We loved each other's respective Chihuahuas, as our families have had them for pets and family members since I've been born.
My best buddy was 12yo, he didn't suffer at all. He was in his fav spot, watching me. He died on 07/15.
Your little brother, E.T., and I, sure miss you

DontTreadOnMe2 07-19-2016 08:36 PM

Sorry for your loss, dogs are the best friends....

We are considering replacing our last buddy, who we lost several months ago... some times I think I am ready, but then I remember how painful it was to lose our last one, and the one before.....

Hang in there man...

Smudgen 07-19-2016 08:39 PM

Take it easy Mr. Zeebee .... you as well htos. :(

tarnoch 07-19-2016 08:48 PM

Sorry for your loss, been there a few times, will be again.

lipskip 07-19-2016 08:57 PM

Aww man, that stinks. Hang in there.

dan123 07-19-2016 09:15 PM

Aahh shit. Sorry to hear that mate. I hate losing animals, it's even harder as I get older.

Maybe get another mate? Not a replacement, but another.

zero-g 07-20-2016 04:11 PM

R.I.P. little buddy :(

MaDKroniK 07-20-2016 08:03 PM

Sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is always awful.

Thoughts with you.

bran 07-20-2016 09:12 PM

Thoughts to yer matey, sad...maybe, sometime in the future get another...a puppy always takes up yer time and helps.

Aquina1300 07-21-2016 02:41 PM

I'm sorry for your loss.

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