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BurntBulb 06-10-2016 12:51 AM

The Clintons and Their Crimes
Not since LBJ have we had such a corrupt candidate and President.

This is a lot of reading, and some of it you have to take with a grain of salt.
Yet the preponderance of evidence should deny any elective office.
That's simple ethics and morality, that we demand of our representatives.

Now let's look at Mrs. Clinton and her tenure as SOS, her active roll in CGI, the use of the private server, the statistical increase of donations before and during her running for POTUS and as SOS, to the deletion of the so called 'private' and 'personal' emails, then the dramatic increase since her recent running for POTUS.
This is demonstrative of corruption of office.
Anybody heard of Tammany Hall!

BurntBulb 06-23-2016 06:49 AM

BurntBulb 06-23-2016 06:50 AM

BurntBulb 06-23-2016 06:51 AM

laserjobs 06-24-2016 04:54 AM

Absolutely insane she can even be considered

Tinbuk3 06-24-2016 05:41 AM

Never a shortage of paint is there.

BurntBulb 06-24-2016 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by Tinbuk3 (Post 2229425)
Never a shortage of paint is there.

And the proverbial feces hitting the fan, yet nothing seems to stick to these two.

ThisisnotChad 06-24-2016 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by BurntBulb (Post 2229200)

I can't decide what's more cringe worthy, hearing her straight up lie time after time and contradict herself with every word or hearing Trump try and talk.

DontTreadOnMe2 06-30-2016 02:25 PM

Nothing to see here....SMH...

bran 06-30-2016 03:56 PM

Its up to you lot...Get rid of them!!! I mean..thats what yer have yer guns for after all..Tyrannical govts...

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