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BABELcorp 04-16-2016 02:55 AM

To All Livecunt Staff
First off all, you're all cunts and need to die in a particularly slow, painful, horrible way.

Second of all, you must now listen to my demands as such. This is really important because you are fucksticks.

1) Full administration of the site as whole. Including chat, forum, all things pertaining to Liveleak

2) Agree to call all newspapers for pre-arranged articles headlining "Biggest cunt of the Year" and submit your dumb fucking face.

3) 50,000 in cash delivered in ingeniously placed eels inserted with gay escorts and only expelled upon violent, quivering orgasm. This requires to go into my paypal account. Details to come later.

4) Video confessions of Hayden in his private gym surrounded by 4 gay boys, three of them up his arse, and the other one filming Hayden while he screams and gay chunks flow all about his fat, hairy, useless, worthless, pathetic face, and then getting 'patted in' in the face by all the hairy cocks while you love it.

The alternatives to this demand are too worse than you could ever imagine. I hope you make the right choice. Also your all cunts. Also unban me from the chatroom.

zero-g 04-16-2016 03:21 AM

No :popcorn:

theblue8 04-16-2016 04:57 AM

What a cunty cunt.

Aquina1300 04-16-2016 05:52 AM

This is going to go over well.

BurntBulb 04-16-2016 06:18 AM

I foresee a babel ban.........

dan123 04-16-2016 06:32 AM

I can't see anything but a positive outcome.

gswifty 04-16-2016 06:55 AM

Sounds like Richy Dong. You still smoking in the shed?

seanjo 04-16-2016 08:51 AM

Is there vid of Hayden and these four gay chums....just asking....

Private-Parts 04-16-2016 09:46 AM

I think we better meet these demands - just to be safe. :nerves:

bran 04-16-2016 10:25 AM

So anyway..what happens if the LL staff DONT meet yer demands?
Better say now cos yer wont be here long...

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