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chainsaw65 08-06-2011 04:19 PM

Opinion Please...
Is this necessary in your opinion?

Fideo of the scene.

‘Operation: Iron Snare’ lures wanted deadbeats with Alabama-Auburn tickets. Seriously.
By Matt Hinton
Regulars to this space know I am rarely at a loss for words. But honestly, there's not much to say here except that this video, chronicling the Opelika, Ala., police department's efforts to lure suspects wanted for unpaid child support into custody with the promise of free Alabama-Auburn football tickets, goes from mildly humorous to mildly disturbing — and then to very disturbing — with unprecedented speed:

OK, the ruse I get: Rare is the opportunity for authorities to have a wanted suspect walk right into their office. I even kind of get the presence of the local news cameras, in a documentary sense — see "COPS" or "To Catch a Predator" or any of those other cheap thrill shows where the cameras are just along for the ride. Voyeurism, I understand.

But why on earth did the local news actually agree to participate in the ruse? "A police sting involving routine, nonviolent offenders? Yeah, our reporting team really wants to play an integral role in making that happen." Really? The next time Channel 3 sticks its microphone in some random citizen's face, forgive him if he spends the entire interview looking over his shoulder for black vans.

As quick and dirty entertainment, though ... well, there it is. "Nearly a dozen" people were arrested in this fashion last Friday, according to the Opelika-Auburn News, which doesn't have much else to add to the story, either. What else is there? Alleged deadbeats love the Iron Bowl, too, and they're paying dearly for it.

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l8rm8e 08-06-2011 04:28 PM

If (and ONLY if) each "winner" was a true child support dodging dead beat parent ... then (and ONLY then) do I reckon it's a great idea. lolpwn.

Under any other circumstance .. it's cheap and cruel ... which is the problem with most dead beat parents to begin with (cheap and cruel).

samwise 08-06-2011 04:32 PM

My opinion.

That shit was funnier than bats flying backwards through shit.

MissyVenom 08-06-2011 05:35 PM

LMFAO that shit was Hella funneh!!!
Seriously though.. if thats what it takes to get dead beat parents to pay for their kids.. so be it!!!

TheSwine 08-06-2011 07:15 PM

Maybe they could sell the tickets and pay off their child support debt.

Onceproud 08-29-2015 06:22 AM

Yes get dead beat fathers to pay for their children.

Aquina1300 08-29-2015 12:33 PM

Unless there is or was a legal marriage, I am against forcing men to be fathers against their will. I do not believe a man should be legally forced to life long relationship with either a woman or a child just because he had sex with her. Fathers are important, but fathers can't be created by court orders, child support payments or stupid gotcha games like this. Fatherhood should be choice.

If women can't be forced to be mothers, then men can't be forced to be fathers. It's right, it's fair, it's equal and it's time we allowed men the same reproductive freedoms as women.

The fact that the media took the violation of rights and unfair treatment of these men to the next level is disgusting.

ThisisnotChad 08-29-2015 03:33 PM

It is kinda bullshit.

My stepbrother pays his ex child support and whatever she asks for on the side, she lied on her tax return about something and now he owes an additional $9k even though it's already been paid but she doesn't wanna tell the IRS what she did so she just screws him over. He's called the county about it, called the IRS about it and they literally said they don't care, HE owes the money even though it's been tracked in the system.

Onceproud 08-29-2015 05:57 PM

I think its about being responsible.Its not always fair. I think the mother usually take the money and uses it on anything. At least the child gets some support from the father even if hes not in the picture. I think the financial support is required untill the child 18.

Tinbuk3 08-29-2015 06:11 PM

Opinion? How about a challenge instead?

Go to their site and find where they outline a complete guide to starting and maintaining a family with the benefits offered.

Planed parenthood?

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