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Tinbuk3 12-31-2013 07:54 PM

The bones of it.
Old gamers never die .. they lose a switch or a key before they die. ;)
Been gaming for some time now, going on since the late 80's.
In those days the old IBM mechanical keyboard was king.
I even brought it out of retirement a few times because the new boards just didn't cut the mustard.
But it wasn't just the keyboard, the mouse was always failing it seemed.
You paid more ,but you got the shaft anyway.
Same with the game pads and other assorted controllers.

For keyboards it was always the same crap, you paid out the ass and in a few months the letters wore off, the switches stuck .. a $100 down the shitter and a replacement that would do no better.
This time I'm trying something else, the cooler master stealth.
It has no letters on top but rather on the front of the keys, that should do for wear.
And its rated at 50 million key strokes, the design looks promising.
And no numbers pad .. who uses them?
Same with the mouse, a CM 8200 DPI job that boasts more durable switches.
I can only hope these set a decent standard and I will update you.
As for the game pad .. still looking, razer has been a big disappointment over and over so I'm going to over look them for now.
Been hearing the new orb switches are not what they claim .. we will see.

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