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Aquina1300 01-21-2017 10:52 AM

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I don't think there's another word for this Chinese soldier other than this one word............duty.

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Man Guards Secret Bomb Shelter For Over 40 Years Completely Unaware His Unit Forgot About Him

An 87-year-old Chinese man looked after a secret government air-raid shelter for 40 years completely unaware that his command had forgotten about him years ago.

He Wenxun carried out his duties faithfully for decades until his health made it impossible for him to continue. The officers in the People’s Armed Forces Department in Ceheng County, Guizhou Province were shocked when He, who Chinese media are calling the “forgotten guard,” came in to the office and requested relief from his duties, the China Daily reports.

For 41 years, He lived two lives. In one life, he raised a family and lived like an ordinary citizen. In the other, he watched over the air-raid shelter. Not only was the People’s Armed Forces Department unaware that He had never been relieved from his post, but there were not any records showing that the air-raid shelter even existed.

He was tasked with setting up an air-raid shelter by the head of the People’s Armed Forces Department in the 1970s. The work was carried out in secret, and the drawings and schematics were destroyed after its completion.

He completed the project in four months with around 100 people in his charge.

During the final years of the chaotic and disruptive Cultural Revolution, leadership was transferred, and the plans were lost. The project was abandoned, but no one remembered to let He know.

He lived in a small house on top of the air-raid shelter. He kept the defense structure a secret throughout his service, even from his children. His children tried to take care of their father by having him move in with them, but he refused to leave. His children never knew why.

“Now we finally know why he refused to move,” He Wenxun’s son told reporters, “My father just wanted stay with the shelter.”

He was born in 1929, distinguished himself during the campaigns against regional warlords and bandits in the late 1940s, and volunteered to fight in the Korean War.

He later left his hometown of Panxian to join up with the armed forces in Ceheng.

In 1973, the People’s Daily spread reports of Mao Zedong’s rather vague call for Chinese people to “dig deep, expand grain production, and avoid seeking hegemony.”

Shortly thereafter, He was tasked with his secret mission to build air defense infrastructure.

When officers from the People’s Armed Forces Department investigated the status of the air-raid shelter, they found it was in excellent condition.

For his service, He was honored in September, 2016.

Private-Parts 01-21-2017 11:17 AM

Reminds me of two Japanese soldiers that emerged from the jungle on a Philippine island 60-yars after the war in 2005(?) was it.

BurntBulb 01-21-2017 01:42 PM

Oh man! He's gonna collect a lot of back pay!


3rd3y3 01-21-2017 02:04 PM

He he he

Yorkie 03-24-2017 11:04 PM

He got cake.

SHUTUPANDTHINK 03-30-2017 12:48 AM

Old dude gets sash for living in home above a hole in the ground.

TheEngineer 03-31-2017 01:28 PM

visited the site when I lived there ... they also have a small museum in donwtown Agana ...

jaxmeov 04-01-2017 05:45 PM

It was the old fucker's fault that "He" was forgotten about...for example - he was never paid?!?

Once the job had been completed in the 1970's, I would have sent word asking, "Where the hell is the Disbursement Officer? I haven't been paid in months! Not even a bag of fucking rice! WTF?"

moefugger 04-02-2017 01:14 PM

He Wenxun
He Wenxoff

Tinbuk3 04-02-2017 01:25 PM

And he represents what exactly .. the kind of man their government wants them all to be?
They should build a memorial to him and honor it every year with a ceremony .. the tomb of the untold solder.
.. How romantic ...

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