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ggppgg 11-18-2016 05:39 AM

Need Admin, Retroactively Given 15 infraction points ?!?!?
Hey so I had 13 messages today saying I was given 15 infraction points for vids that I guess I had posted a long long time ago, probably over a year or more and apparently they were a copyright violation ? I understand removing them from my channel, but issuing a ton of infraction points that have banned me after being on LL forever and never doing anything malicious on the site is kinda excessive I feel. I don't get how some people post stuff they rip from YT and hear nothing about it, but anything I try to post from anywhere always gets taken down for copyright. It's not even worth it. I just want to be able to comment on videos and participate on the site, mods please unban !

CrapFactory 11-18-2016 11:15 AM

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Who cares?

zero-g 11-18-2016 01:06 PM

over year ago?
yeah, that's bullshit.

who's corn flakes did you piss in?

Fill out a support ticket :lolz::lolz::lolz:

ok, sorry
Good luck

Connasseur 11-18-2016 02:53 PM

Big deal, i was banned from commenting for receiving 1 infraction since 2012.

Just like you i thought a mod or admin would reply on this message board but it is as dead as freedom of speech is on the main site. Attacking Asians or Muslims? Fine. Say one thing about African Americans and you might just delete your account, instead.

Just deal with it or delete the bookmark, there does not seem to be any middle ground. And make sure to use Ublock Origin... ;) Redefining my ass.

dan123 11-18-2016 04:09 PM

Hey gg, hope all is good otherwise mate. Been a long time since I saw you in chat.

You might not get much luck here, or indeed there at the minute.
With any luck LLFM_3 might see this. He/she is helpful and if can't help directly, usually manages to point you in the right direction. Might be worth pinging a message.

Sorry LLFM_3, we love you though. X

Smudgen 11-19-2016 02:55 AM

That does sucketh ..... but hi man.

kasheku 11-19-2016 03:12 AM

this is what you do.

at 4:21am YOUR time, stick your ass out the window and sing the barnie song.

hayden will come along and repair your ailings

SomeTosser 11-23-2016 07:41 AM

Wow, that's harsh as fuck. Totally unfair in my opinion.
Fair would be just deleting the videos like GG suggested, no need to penalise as well considering the age of the videos and the fact it wasn't done intentionally for any monetary gain.

15 infractions in one hit!! Fucking ridiculous.
Is LL outsourcing the mod jobs to sweat shops in Bangladesh or some other shithole with small headed numpties.

Hi GG, hope all is well

moefugger 11-24-2016 12:05 AM

That is kinda shitty.
You should set up a bot to mass spam pages of random noob toob crap and copy vids already posted from others.
This way you will get many features.
Do not forget some cat vids and some blurry shaky ass 9 second vids of the sky, ground and someones finger. Title it something interesting like car crash or guy gets electrocuted.
Those seem to get the most features.

bran 11-24-2016 02:50 AM

I dont understand what the problem is..GG definitley deserves those points...I would have banned him too...We all know what a knobcheese he is...Unlike me...who puts in a support ticket..pays the 50..and gets sorted all the same day...its not favouritism..its just that i am wonderful..and much more likeable..and had 50 to spare....well..i stole it from Trisha..she doesnt know dont tell...
Hello GG..Love yer!

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