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Aquina1300 06-22-2017 06:46 AM

The Leafs Have It

Canadian elite special forces sniper makes record-breaking kill shot in Iraq

This record is going to stand for a long time.

Good on ya, Canuck soldier, and I'm glad you bagged one of those scumbags!!

bran 06-22-2017 09:34 AM

Well done Sir!

BurntBulb 06-22-2017 09:43 AM

Sorta makes all of us shooters on here very humble.

Skwint_hed 06-22-2017 12:31 PM

Aye it was aboot that far now gimme some syrup

Private-Parts 06-22-2017 12:56 PM

Lucky shot, was the target sleeping or tied down?

tonyy 06-22-2017 02:55 PM

Pffft!!, I could do that in my dreams.

Bashman 06-22-2017 06:00 PM

Nice shot.

Sportster 06-22-2017 06:53 PM

2.2 miles. That's impressive. If the round took 10 seconds, that means the sound got their 5.1 seconds after he was dead. Also, who stays completely still for 10 seconds? The round could have left the chamber, and there'd still be enough time to light a cigarette, beat his wife, have sex with a goat, whatever.

SHUTUPANDTHINK 06-23-2017 06:36 PM

The guy must have been looking at the sky through his scope when he shot, I saw a chart that shows that round would drop about 9,000 inches, 750ft over that distance.

snipershot 06-26-2017 12:56 PM

Its cheating when you zero in on the craphouse ;) Those .50 only need to clip a target at over a mile, the shockwave does the rest.

Also, i heard a rumour they are field testing guided .50cal rounds. Things have moved on a lot since the previous .338 record kill, thats for sure.

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