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Kristen213 01-16-2012 05:47 PM

US Capitalism is Phony Propaganda
There's a lot of people who think that the US is still this great capitalist country. Yet, as we've seen, most everything that we buy is made in China, which last I checked is a Communist country.

How can anyone think that we're a capitalist republic, when we take advantage of the communist regime of China, amongst others? How is it that CEO's and the wealthy businesses of the US be called anything other than Corporate Communists, immoral and dishonest? The whole US system is corrupt, and I don't see how anyone can excuse it by calling it "free market" economy. There's nothing free about it, it's based on economic slavery of people.

When we buy things that are made by people who work 6 days a week, in horrific conditions, sleeping in the factory floors at night, etc...are we not buying into the corrupt system tacitly? How can this be right?

Last week there was the threat of mass suicide at Foxcon in China, which is the largest US company operating in China. Should Americans pay more for these things being made in the US with labor laws, etc...that cost more money, but in turn, do the US economy and the world a favor by demanding better labor standards the entire world over. These are US companies working oversees and doing what they would never get away with here, which is wrong, IMO.

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