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Default Sure Chimp.

Originally Posted by adaptoman View Post
That link is totally unrelated to the concept of your “cosmic karma”

Cmon guru
Show us some scientific evidence of cosmotheism
Cults like yours have always tried to falsely align thier fallacies with credible legitimate science, making presumptive leaps is pseudo science
Sure Chimp.
And one plus one equals two is just "totally unrelated" to the concept of addition.
What a primitive primate!
Cosmic Karma and Cause and Effect are two concepts that are quite intimately related.

I already had actually done so here:
And here:
"Einstein had a passion to understand nature, which he believed to be real and rational, but a riddle. He confessed that "the most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible." Over the fireplace in the Fine Hall Common Room at Princeton University is inscribed a saying of Einstein: "Raffiniert ist der Herr Gott, aber boshaft ist Er nicht" ("The Lord God is subtle, but He is not mischievous"). He believed that the road to understanding nature is illuminated by mathematical simplicity inherent in nature's unity. (The concept of simplicity is not itself simple.) The apparent beauty, however, was always to be subservient to the latent truth, i.e., mathematical elegance is secondary to physical content. The method is not fancy free like that of a novelist, but rather like that of a person seeking a unique word for a crossword puzzle. Einstein was dedicated to discovering the truth lurking in nature. About his work there was an aura of religion.

Einstein's speculation about religion had its roots in the pantheism of the Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza, who regarded the universe as a mixture of mind and matter-but not a Cartesian dualism. He identified the order of the universe with the will of its inherent God (so-called). Einstein admitted, "My conception of God is an emotional conviction of a superior intelligence manifest in the material world." In the spirit of Psalm 139 he regarded God as immanent-but not transcendent. He did not "believe in a God who cares for the well-being and the moral doings of human beings. "

In his Herbert Spencer Lecture at Oxford (1933) Einstein spoke of "something ineffable about the real, something occasionally described as myterious and awe-inspiring." The fact that the method of investigation turns out to be true in the empirical sense he regarded as "a property of our world, an empirical fact, a hard fact." This mystical attitude toward the harmony of universal law is what I call cosmotheism... Einstein himself called it cosmic religion. He insisted, "In this sense, and in this sense only, I belong to the ranks of devoutly religious men."

...Alongside the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., is the centennial memorial of Einstein's birth. Regardless of the artistic merit of the "mud-packing" style of the sculptor Robert Berks, his portayal of Einstein is wanting in spiritual appreciation. The lolling, gorilla-like, Gargantuan figure gazing down at a miniature star-studded sky is not the Einstein I knew [personally]. He would have been looking up humbly, in rapturous amazement at the harmony of law revealing everywhere a superior intelligence. He was a cosmotheist."

You are really just too stupid to understand what a "cult" actually is
and nor what one true religion actually isn't ever one: Cosmotheism.
Or what is really credible and legitimate science from what is actually any pseudo-science or scientism.
Or any true religion verses just "cults" and just "superstitions cleverly disguised as being any "true religion".

The only so "many false logical fallacies and false presumptive leaps" have all been only your own.


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