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Originally Posted by ericredbeard View Post
I think vegetarians are for the most part self indulgent urbanites comfortable enough with their level of material wealth and bored enough with what passes for their lives' most pressing issues that they have decided to make choosing what they do or do not eat a major focus of attention and effort in their lives. It's a hobby, a topic of conversation, a political statement, a moral stance, an expression of individuality, and a superior neediness (like the Princess in the folk tale The Princess And The Pea, the vegetarian's psyche cannot bear the moral challenge of eating a fellow animal just as the Princess' delicate skin cannot bear the pressure of a single dried pea underneath her while she matter how many mattresses lie between her and the pea).

The human digestive system will process an amazing variety of foodstuffs, and possibly no other omnivore on Earth eats a greater range of material: from whale blubber to fungi to sea urchin and insects, reptiles, amphibians, roots, berries, nuts, eggs, and pork cracklings, to fermented vegetables and beyond. With the exception of common grass, if it is digestible at all then we eat it. So if a person decides to specialize, and avoid whole categories of food intake (such as meat), they can do that and live a healthy life. Yet, as the OP points out, unless a person eats only carrion and carrion byproducts, they will be consuming some live organism---including plants, and there goes their supposed moral superiority.

Life feeds upon life. It's how the entire pyramid of life is constructed. There's nothing wrong with that.


Coming from a logical standpoint, everything is relative. I believe that Vegetarians are only vegetarians because they believe every animal is "tortured/Murdered" before it arrives on their plate. while this may be true and is a horrible inevitability.

The Fact remains that Humans would not have excelled into our modern intelligence if not for consuming protein. so to all you vegetarians. your very ability to comprehend and distinguish between carnivore, omnivore, and herbivore is the consequent of animal murder.

The only respect that i have for vegetarians is that they "MONITOR" the things that they throw into their gullet. unlike the vast majority of people that throw any and Everything into that fat-ass Maw they call a mouth.

I eat meat. i don't eat animals that are older than me. How am i gonna eat a 40 year old lobster that has been on this planet longer than me?

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