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My Nephew, Wade
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I lost my nephew Wade last week to fucking heroin! I tried my best to perform CPR, but his wife came crying to me too late. Only five minutes earlier and I could have saved him. The EMS personnel tried valiantly as well with Narcan and ventilation systems, but we lost him. I LOVE you, Wade. You were one of the only ones(in this family) with "the brain". I only wish that it made you as violently sick as it made me the only time I tried it. The thousands of people that that came to your service proves how loved you were, and Grandma still cries everyday, she misses her Wadekins!
You made your mark in this world, in the short time you were with us, building all those cellular transmission towers across America with Joey(one of my last two nephews-it was my honor to do your A+/computer finals for you). I love you!
Uncle Jeff.

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