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Originally Posted by moefugger View Post
Pakis are a bunch of weak people.
They sure talk a lot of crap in the mainsite but they sux ass.
Get together and take your own country back.
They sit and beg for others to help then give them shit.
Nuke that whole side of the world.

The weak ppl have ruled this part of the world for thousands of years.. created ancient civilisations like Indus,Mohenjodaro,Harrapan,Mehrgarh,Gandhara....

We talk crap.. because you mock,insult and celebrate our deaths...

We beg you? isnt that the other way around? you needed us in the 80s... to fight the soviets? ... you armed n funded these ppl? and when your objectives were achieved you left... and we got a neighbour full of jihadis from all over the world... warlords fighting for power....

What should we have done?we did what we could to keep the conflict at bay...

Next? we got sanctioned for over a decade.. our "Crap" that we paid aka F-16s (over 110+) withheld n given to US Navy... why? coz of our nuclear program... why did we have a nuclear program? coz our frndly pals across the border had one... they even tested nukes before us?

Than the mighty USA invaded Afghanistan... the sanctions were lifted... the "aid" (a curse for us) started flowing.... at what cost? to embrace a war that wasnt ours....

We had never heard of suicide bombing.. or any bombing before 2004+ ...

Now our .... politicians wanted peace talks... thinking they could somehow ask the taliban to surrender their arms... they didnt.... and than army had to pressurise the govt... to go in n mow down these insects... and they are doing an excellent job... over 1200 taliban dead... multiple fractions have seperated from the ttp... some have surrendered... some getting slaughtered... and the leadership? sitting in kunar province of afghanistan..

You aid? how much 15 billion?18 maybe?

We have lost 50,000 people... almost 6,000 soldiers... crippled our economy.. which was the fastest growing in the region.... yeah you heard that right...

How much cost in infra damage etc? around 80-100 billion $...
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