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The following is not medical advice, simply information.

Calcium stones, which is most likely what you have, since they have shown up on CT, ie are radio-opaque, form in an acidic environment. The treatment, apart from surgery, is to re-dissolve the calcium by drinking lots of water and ALKALINIZE the urine, usually with citrate.

Potassium Citrate can be found Over the Counter in any health food place, or you could go to your doctor and get a script for a prescription formulation.

With potassium citrate its best to not take more than the recommended dose, as......the stones took years to form, and they will take years to dissolve, and overdosing on potassium WILL lead to a possibly fatal arrrythmia and death.

Drink at least half a gallon of water a day (2L)(8 glasses). Its easier to drink so much if you were to get yourself a large 500ml glass. Drink too much water is also harmful in that water intoxication or hyponatremia (low blood sodiium) (can also be fatal) can develop.

Coffee and alcohol are dehydrating substances as they act as diuretics......make sure to drink lots of water with them. I always try to drink about 400-500 ml of water after any coffee / tea taken. Never let your urine look yellow. If you have to get up once per night to pee.....your doing great, but may want to consider cutting down water intake as your winding down to sleep to a level where you are able to get a full nights sleep, but awaken with a full bladder, and slightly yellow urine.

Vit C containing fluids, ie orange juice and lemonade, should be avoided, as Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid, which will acidify urine and contribute to further calcium precipitation. Cranberry juice also acidifies urine. Meat protein and dairy produce lots of acidic substances during metabolism, whereas fruits and vegetables serve to alkalinize the urine.

For specific management, please see Table 5:

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