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RIP Grandma Maggie
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I laid you to rest on Wednesday, I and six other grandsons carried you up the hill to where you will forever stay. You left behind many loved ones ,grandchildren,great grandchildren, and great,great, grandchildren. Your work here is done.

You grew up in hard times and knew what poor was but you worked hard all your life. I know of no one else that had a grandma that was a muleskinner in her youth and that is something I am proud of, you were loving and made the best biscuits and gravy there ever was. You taught me to love Chevy and hate Fords and you had some classics over the years.

You were a pistol and always had a great sense of humor and weren't above a rude joke now and then. I could have done without you showing me your mastectomy scar as I am now scarred for life but you got a laugh out of my horrified reaction so I can deal. Yes Granny, you were special and one of a kind and will be missed ,you and your daughter (my mother) are together again. RIP


“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

“As long as you still experience the stars as something "above you", you lack the eye of knowledge.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

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