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Originally Posted by UKatheist View Post
I would not presume to educate you, it would folly upon my part.
I will....with the understanding that I can give the facts but not give it the mind to understand them.

Originally Posted by LBC213R20S View Post
Haha, just like all the other religions and empires did? Are you trying to educate me lmao?
you sound like the rest of the other retarded fucks I mentioned. I don't give a fuck, imo all the 3 main religions went through the same shit. Islam whether under false pretences or whatever the shit you claim might be true, but it happened. Are you not an athiest so what the fuck are you replying for?

I replied to that specific person, all 3 main religions are the same but under those names Islam contributed the most to society under those times, under aquina's comments since he said Islam provided nothing but hate which is fucking debatable considering all the crusades etc.

My main point is today, fucking 2017. Notice how she doesn't say shit? Why would most nations now in the world have an opposing view to Israel? Because they are acting like the Nazis. Like I give a fuck about religion, just like the scum zionists. This isn't about religion. Even they claim Judaism is a race now.
Okay....let's talk about Islam and it's most often supposed contributions:

1) In Architecture, the arch is mentioned as an Islamic invention furthering architecture. As evidence, the Ziggurat of Ur is mentioned. The Ziggurat of Ur was constructed around 2500 BC. That is around 4500 years ago. It was constructed before Christianity which was 2000 years ago. It was before Torah based Judaism which was around 3000 years ago. It was constructed before Islam which is around 1500 years ago. So no, Islam had nothing to do with the invention of the arch.

Furthermore, the arches found in Damascus Syria and Istanbul are also mentioned as evidence that Muslims invented and perfected the arch. This is not the case either. The style of architecture that came about in Damascus Syria under the Umayyad Caliphates were stylized copies of the Byzantium arch. However, the style of construction was already used by Christians in the region as evidenced by their churches. Furthermore, the great archways of Istanbul were actually built when the city was called Constantinople and it's ancient glorious structures were largely commissioned and built by Julian the Apostate, the last of the Greek Eastern Dynasty. For the record, he was a Christian apostate, lived before Muhammed and he followed a Greek pagan philosophy/religion.

2) Astronomy. It's widely considered by Muslims who have been misinformed that the writers of that great book, the Al Magest were Muslims. This is not true. The Almagest was actually composed over time by several sets of scholars, all of whom, lived during the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt. The all lived prior to Muhammed and prior to Christianity. The Ptolemies were Greek, not Arab or Muslims. They were EUROPEANS. The first Ptolemy was a general in Alexander The Great's Army that brought down the ancient Persian Empire of Xerxes. They also built the city of Alexandria, the lighthouse of Alexandria and the Library of Alexandria. They also built the most advanced astrolab the world had ever seen before the modern era. All great ancient accomplishments in their own right. All done before Muhammed even lived.

The greatest astronomical accomplishments of the Ptolemies in the Almagest, was the system of measuring angles for telling time and so also invented the sexiggisimo system, which uses seconds, minutes and hours for telling time. The great navigational tool, the sextant is also based off Ptolemy's Al Magest. There was nothing added to astronomy that changed much of Ptolemy's Almagest for centuries. The first change from the ancient way of viewing astronomy to the modern way was paved by Copernicus (A Catholic Monk), Galileo ( a quasi Catholic italian), Isaac Newton (a Scottish puritan turned Deist), Edmund Halley and Gottfried Wilhelm Liebnitz. None of which are Arab or Muslim. None of them having any interest at all in Islam. So no, there were no contributions of Muslims or Islam to astronomy of any real substance.

3) Algebra. Algebra is the symbolic representation of geometric figures in which the quadratic equations and conic sections form the basis. Until Lobechevsky, all geometry reached it's apex with Euclid's Elements and the Conic sections of Appolonius of Perga. Euclid was a Greek that lived prior to Christianity and the birth of Mohammed. Euclid's Elements contained the geometrical basis of quadratic equations in it's second book (chapter). The Pythogorean theorem, that the squared of the legs of a right angled triangle are equal to the area of the square on the hypotenuse is in the first book of Euclid's elements and was solely the derived mathematical theorem of the Greek man, pythagorus that build a pagan cult based on numbers and shapes prior to Christianity and prior to the birth of Mohammed. Euclid himself, was a pagan Greek. Appolonius of Perga was a Ptolemaic scholar at the Library of Alexandria. There is little to no major developments in Algebra until Rene Descartes, a French quasi Catholic who gives a more deistic understanding of God in his book called the Meditations. He called his analytic arts "algebra" and is the inventor or discoverer of modern algebra. He is not Arab or Muslim.

The sanskrit parchment that has the pythagorean theorem on it, is first of all, Hindi, not Arab or Islamic and it, in and of itself, isn't algebra at all - it's geometry and it was made centuries after the death of Euclid. The modern notation used in algebra is almost entirely the invention of symbology used by Gottfried Wilhelm Liebnitz, who was definitely not a Muslim but was a Lutheran/Catholic reformer who lived in the wake of the Reformation. So no, Islam didn't contribute a shittin' thing to algebra. Descartes just took Algebra as the name of the new analytic art he put forward because he wanted to separate himself from Catholicism.

4) In literature, the great books written by Arabs, really have nothing to do with Islam at all. Balzac certainly wasn't a Muslim. Scherezade was a Russian slave kidnapped and sold to the Caliphs in Damascus which is the basis of the entire book 1001 Arabian nights. Omar Khayyam was definitely a Muslim Apostate and his books are not about Islam at all. Furthermore, the scholars of Arab origin that are found in the ancient tradition of Aristotle and Socrates, named Averroes and Avicenna, were not Muslims. Both were either born or moved to Cordoba Spain and did not care about Islam at all. One was a avowed atheist and the other was a practical atheist, ignoring religion altogether.

5) Medicine - The first great medical book was written by the Greek Galen before Christianity existed and before Muhammed was born. The second great book was written by a Jew living in what will become modern day Israel, and his name was Menomides. He was an ethnic Greek but Jewish by religion and he lived under the Umayyad dynasty and altogether hated Islam. Until William Harvey's On Circulation, there is really nothing but the trial and error or general medical lore but no real medicine that represents modern medicine.

It should be noted, the ancient Egyptians seemed to have an advanced form of medical knowledge, even conducting brain surgeries and minor advanced surgeries, but that was long before Christianity existed, before Torah based Judaism and long before Muhammed was born. The ancient Egyptians people did not speak Arabic and considered Arabia as full of backward people. They were more likely to have considered the very black Sudanese as more developed than the inhabitants of Arabia.

Oh, there's some sort of story about a muslim goatherder who discovered caffeine when eating coffee beans made his goats jumpy.....but there's no understanding about the substance caffeine, it was just a new way to flavor water to him. Modern advances in caffeine and it's uses, is due mostly to Central and South America and Americans desire for coffee. Arabia had nothing to do with the coffee industry in the Western hemisphere at all.

6) Philosophy and law - As I said before, there are very few actual philosophers from Arabia, of arabian ethnicity or Muslims that have really done anything for philosophy other than push stupid ass Islamic based theories full of crap. As I mentioned, there's Averroes and Avicenna, but there's one more I'll add that was not from Cordoba Spain but he did flee to Greece, and that was Porphyry and he also, had no interest in Islam at all. There is not a single noteworthy Islamic or Arab author of any philosophical work and none of the Islamic books, the Quaran, the hadiths or the Islamic jurisprudence are considered anything but ridiculous to any non-Muslim. In fact, Hammurabi's Code, the first set of laws written down in ancient Babylon, thousands of years before Muhammed lived, are actually an improvement on Sharia law.

So please, try to list one Islamic contribution to science, philosophy or the arts that actually improved anything at all. Name one thing that any Islamic people did that advanced a single thing that benefited humanity?

There is nothing because Islam is the great devolver of civilizations, destroyer of art, closer of the mind and oppressor of progress.

Not a single Arabian Islamic nation has even reached the literacy level of sub-sahara Africa. yeah, how does it feel to know that more people in South Africa can read than in Saudi Arabia? There are also more internet connections in Sub-Sahara Africa than there are in Islamic nations of Arabia. If it wasn't for oil, the most advanced Arab Islamic civilizations would still be riding around in caravans living like Bedouins.
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