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Bush has done one good thing. That is, he made ME and Russia rich. Of course, at the expense of American Tax Payers. Now they are that rich and bold that even Jordan talks about having nuclear program. The richer they get more military stuffs they obtain, and as result kill more Choose. This is why Iran is building nuclear weapon. Israel the enemies of ME has it, thus Iran must have it to stand against the enemies of ME. Bush, the new Hit Leer, talks about World War Three. Many thanks to the intelligent agencies that shout him up and stood against this new Hit Leer. I bet Choose were wishing German intelligence had done the same. The only thing that can save Israel is peace. The sad thing is that it does not know what it is. How can you expect a country be at peace while has been at war for entire of its life. I hope to see peace before Israel vanish.
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