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Barbara L
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June 13, 1936 to August 6, 2010

This is dedicated to someone who has touch so many! My mother and best friendÖ may she rest in peace!

Reflections of my life
When I was born many years ago,
Life was simpler, the pace was slow.
Black was black, white was white,
All I h ad to do was grow.

As years went by the pace got faster.
I could no longer be my own master.
I had to speed to stay ahead
If I let up at all, I could be dead.

Values I held so near to my heart,
Were off in the distance, far apart.
I could see by the signs that were all around,
If I was to survive, answers must be found.

I paused in the rat race to reflect my fate,
If is possible, it is not too late.
Go back to the basics that began my life
Stuck to my values to erase the strife.

Trust in God and of course myself
Understand my limits, donít hide on the shelf.
Face the days with an understanding heart
Stay with it to the end, donít come apart.

If I can follow these rules to the best that I can,
I will end my life as it began.
Simple and slower can make life worth living,
And to go out happy after a life of giving.

- Barbara L

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