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Originally Posted by NoGODisGOOD View Post
Trump seems like he is defecating into his own mouth now. But seriously, how wrong am I on his Hitleristic strategy looking at HISTORY?
You drank the kool aid.
Originally Posted by NoGODisGOOD View Post
This... Remind you of somebody?????
1) There is no POTUS without the American nation-state. The American presidents are elected to head the executive branch of the American government, not the world and not even the totality of the American Federal Government. Globalists are trying to destroy the nation-state so they profit.

The opposition to Nationalism in Europe was one of the "lessons learned" after WWI and WWII but like so many of those lessons learned, such as "Never Again", is been reduced to a trite adage with no real substance behind the slogan.

Also, wow, a holocaust museum that promotes anti-nationalism....wellgollygee Gomer, why would they overreact to nationalism....

2) As far as Labor power suppressed, LMAO! Globalists
are suppressing America's labor force simply because it lowers wages and creates a labor force that doesn't demand much. It's been under Democratic Party rule that the private sector unions have fallen apart. Riddle me this: How come 90% of those in unions work for the government and who exactly represents the tax payers in those union negotiations - hint: It's not the elected politician.

3) Disdain for human rights? ROFLMAO! You mean the "right" of planned parenthood to take taxpayer money to perform abortions in other nations? I'd call that theft at the very least.

4) Identification of enemies as a uniting cause...another whopper. It seems to me that lefties, like yourself, are the ones who unite under the banner of hating conservatives. It's the only thing that unites the disparate factions of the left.

5) Supremacy of the Military. On the contrary, social engineering experiments in the military have rendered a lot of our military marginally useful. Around 20% of sailors on our ships have to be airlifted out because of pregnancies. Hardly the sort of fascist behavior of a tyrant trying to make the military the most powerful force on Earth. Also, look at China's military parades down their streets, or any other one party rule of elitists autocratics. The parts of our military that go on parades are usually the drunks from the VFWs and American Legions that left service decades ago.

6) Rampant Sexism? I guess it depends on how one defines sexism. I'd call rape and sexual assault, sexism. Liberals are the ones who voted for a rapist serial sex assailant and her enabler three times. Trump put more women in positions in power in the male dominated fields of construction than any other developer. Trump may like beautiful women but he's not flying Bill Clinton to pedophile island on the lolita express like Jeffrey Epstein is. In fact, Trump banned Jeffrey Epstein from Mar-a-lago decades ago after an employee complained the Jeffrey Epstein was hitting on his teenage minor daughter. Show me an instance where the Clintons or Obamas did that for a lowly barkeep.

7) Controlled Mass Media.....oh gosh, ROFLMAO!! hahahahaha! Have you seen the press conferences? I guess not.

8) Obsession with National Security.......that's a bad thing? When we're sitting here letting in millions every year without knowing a thing about them? After the Boston Marathon Bombing, San Bernadino, The Orlando Pulse Nightclub terrorist attack, the airport that got attacked and the mall knifer....all attacks committed by Muslim who pledged support for ISIS? I wish Obama and Democrats cared enough about American citizens to want to protect them from this murderous rot.

9) Religion and government intertwined. Please, don't make me laugh. It's the laugh that keeps on trouting out the religious memes about "I am my brother's keeper" and turning Christian religious figures like Jesus into SJWs for more welfare and government goodies. At this point, I don't even see pro-lifers spouting biblical troups to the same degree that the left is. btw, you might want to consider, the list you brought up actually derivative of the modern Jewish principle of tikkun olan and it's origins are religious...I bet you didn't know that, did you?

10) Corporate Power Protected? hahahaha. The corporate power was all behind the Democrats and solidly with her. In fact, I can't think of an election in American history where Wall Street was so obviously and solidly in the tank for a candidate. The Democrats and the Uniparty are basically the parties that defend Wall Street over Main Street. it's Trump and his supporters that are trying to salvage what they can from the ruins of Main Street where small businesses have been systematically driven from the market over decades.

11) Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts.. well, I don't think saying taxpayers should fund art like piss Christ, erotic dancing while covered in Chocolate and Robert Mapplethorpe is an example of Artistic disdain. It's more like trying to use taxpayer money responsibly. As for colleges and universities, they are benefitting from the Wall Street, D.C. Academia axis of lefty control. There's a reason why higher ed and banks constantly want the cost of tuition to increase and it's because academia gets more money for it and churns out more graduates in the studies i.e. left wing indoctrination courses. The problem with lefties is they aren't able to judge the intelligentsia and the arts objectively anymore. They aren't able to see the graft, corruption and the collusion against the masses.

I could go on and on and on about your ridiculous list from the holocaust museum but suffice it to say this......It's more like a list put together by lefty jews that reflects their paradigm of the world than it's an accurate list of tell tale signs of fascism.

I propose a different list warning about totalitarian control:
1) When those who are rich and powerful form an elite class that supports, finances and elevates each other. As evidence by the very incestuous relationships between Wall Street, Mass News Media and Governance.
2) When the most elite and powerful in society show disdain and disgust at the masses of people in society. I've never seen an elected Democratic big wig say one nice thing about the people who inhabit fly over country unless it's to compliment black people who live in those areas.
3) When disagreement from commonly accepted positions becomes criminalized, for instance, the push to make skepticism of climate change punishable by fines and loss of occupation.
4) When mass media uses virtually the same phrase and the same sentences to describe events that happened very recently - for instance, the uncanny way Trump's inaugural address was described as "dark" by ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NYT, WaPo, the New Yorker, the Atlantic, TIME, Salon, the Daily Beast, huffington Post etc all within 12 hours of Trump inauguration speech. They all repeat each other incessantly. Read one or watch one and you've read and seen them all. They're all parrots of each other. Given the incestuous relationship between Wall Street, D.C and media......they don't need to be controlled. They willingly goose step along with each other for their own self interest.

I could go on and on and on and on....

But the underlying reason why the signs of fascism is bunk, is because it's a one-size-fits-all insipid interpretation of history. It's a list designed more to identify hitler as the most evil man ever than to objectively understand how despotic regimes rise.

Ask yourself this......does this list apply in toto to the House of Sa'ud in Saudi Arabia, or to Mubarak's Egypt or to quadaffy's Libya? Would it apply to Caligula's Rome, Attila's Huns, Genghis Khan's empire? Would it apply to the Tutsi or Hutu in Rwanda, the apartheid government in South Africa, the Junta in Burma? You can make aspects fit, but on the whole, it really doesn't describe those despotic regimes. so what use is it other than it's written from the viewpoint of a religious tradition and that religion was the primary victim of Hitler's evil. It leaves out what the other victims of Hitler's wrath might say, such as the Roma and the Sinti, the Jehovah's Witness, the Polish people, slavs in General, Italians etc.

In the end, you're a victim of your own insular viewpoints. You're just trying to fit everything you don't like in the Hitler box.
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