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Arrow "Irregular" Guerrilla Fighters Are More Disciplined Than Professional Soldiers

Joaquin Villalobos, blood-thirsty war criminal from Central America now living protectively in London,England was the commander-in-chief of a 12,000-strong "irregular" guerrilla army during the early 1980's. In 2007 he revealed the inner workings and rules of his faction and the other thousands of guerrilla fighters that used to live in mountain caves and jungles. Here are somethings he revealed:

-Forced recruitmen was done in impoverished areas and areas where people would be the most angry. They also LOVED to recruit family members of people that had been killed by government forces since they had a thirst for revenge.

-Everybody had their place according to his physical looks and attributes. Skinny agile recruits were used as "walkers", fat recruits were used to man outposts or "mules" to carry loads, ugly guerrillas were used as drill sergeants (intimidating), cute females were used as recruiting tools to hoodwink young men into the rebel army, little boys were used as couriers and messengers since they could walk from town to town without raising suspicions.

-The "walkers" were the top of the cream, the ones that attacked towns and marched for 20 kilometers on a bowl of soup and minimal water. The guerrilla fighter was trained to spend 2-3 days without food and water and buried under leaves or submerged to his neck in swamps. They were also trained to withstand pain.

-New recruits that showed signs of cowardice or nervousness or that questioned the motives for the insurgency were "red-flagged". When you were red-flagged everybody was watching you 24/7 expecting you to betray them or do something stupid. A "spotter" was assigned to you and he would walk behind you all the time, with orders to shoot you dead if you attempted to run from a battle or defect to the other side.

-Red-flagged guerrillas were the first ones sent to the war front, you see, if you were a coward or a nagger they wanted you dead anyways, so you might as well serve as cannon fodder. In dangerous missions the red-flagged recruits were the ones as cannon fodder.

-There was ZERO tolerance for emotional baggage. If a man was recruited and he was in love with a woman and it was distracting him from his duties he would be punished and in some cases a hit team would be sent to kill that woman. If a guerrilla fighter was worried because some neighbor was threating to kill his father back home, the rebels would send somebody to go kill that person. But this system was abused and many innocent people were killed, if it was found out that a person was killed for you and that you lied about him, you yourself was shot dead in front of everybody to make an example that you don't fuck around in the rebel army.

-About 30% of the guerrilla army was composed of females, that's a staggering amount. There was ZERO tolerance against sexual harassment against female fighters, or relationships with them, it was deduced that love triangles were distracting and harmful since it would produce internal fights. Any female or male guerrilla in a relationship were both shot dead in front of everybody.

-There was no exceptions or special accomodations for female fighters, they slept elbow-to-elbow with their male counterparts and even slept on top of them in caves during overnight government bombings. Almost all of the guerrilla snipers were females.

-Food. Everybody ate or nobody ate at all. If a cow was killed in a far-away village for food, it would be split between 25 people or whatever the number of the group is. One watermelon was split into 12 parts if there are 12 guerrillas present. If a group of 10 guerrillas found 4 eggs in a farm, the 4 eggs would be thrown away since they could not feed all 10, or it would be taken to the guerrilla base to feed a wounded comrade.

-There was the 20 bullet rule. Every guerrilla fighter was given a allotment of 20 bullets a week and it was expected that he killed 20 soldiers with it, no less, and would not receive more bullets until his commander could verify there was only 5 bullets left in his rifle. One shot one kill, if you were trigger-happy and wasted your bullets you would be forced to go to a battle with no bullets.

-After 1 year in the guerrilla movement you were expected to bring 2 "fishes" into the rebel army, either family members or friends or even strangers but they have to be "into it" and not waste the time of commanders or be red-flaggers. With every "fish" you brought in your points would increase and you were relieved of very dangerous stuff, such as attacking army bases. Your "fish" would take your place in those dangerous situations.

-Anonymity was very important in the rebel army. If you were recruited for example say in Houston,Texas you would never see action in Houston, you would be transported to another guerrilla commander in Dallas and see action there. Sometimes you were re-called to the city you were from. Say that you were serving in Oklahoma and there was a mission coming in Houston but they needed a local for guidence, you would be transported from Dallas back to Houston just for the mission (remember that the guerrillas in Houston are all from other states and cities).

-If you happen to be killed in action, an emissary would be sent to your family's house to tell your wife or father about the tragedy and where they can find you. Say that you are a guerrilla from Houston,Texas and was killed in Omaha,Nebraska attacking an army base the emissary would tell your family "Your son has been martyred in action, go to the army base in Omaha and pick him up".

Meanwhile the war criminal Joaquin Villalobos continues to live under protection in London,England here's an actual video of army soldiers under attack from Joaquin Villalobos' guerrilla boys when they dynamited the biggest bridge in the country, he killed over 100 soliders in that little stunt.


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