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Paul Parnitzke

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Default I am anti-Tyranny.

Originally Posted by ericredbeard View Post
According to the linked sources, here are the 'things' Trump has accomplished so far:
From The Washington Post

10. He enforced President Barack Obama's red line against Syria's use of chemical weapons. When the regime of Bashar al-Assad used a toxic nerve agent on innocent men, women and children, Trump didn't wring his hands. He acted quickly and decisively, restoring America's credibility on the world stage that Obama had squandered.

Obama's handling of the Syrian Civil War resulted in a decrease of US influence there, not an increase.

9. He has taken a surprisingly tough line with Russia. Trump approved a $47 million arms package for Ukraine, sent troops to Poland's border with Russia and imposed new sanctions on Moscow for violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Obama accomplished nothing here. In fact, Sarah Palin predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine with Obama at the US helm, which occurred.

8. He recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Four American presidents promised to do it, but only one actually did. This is why the American people elected Trump. He does what he promises to do, for better or for worse...

Sure, this drives Paul Parnitzke nuts. Too bad.

7. He withdrew from the Paris climate agreement. After George W. Bush pulled out of the disastrous Kyoto treaty, U.S. emissions went down faster than much of Europe. The same will be true for Trump's departure from the Paris accord. Combined with his approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to exploration.

Disaster or accomplishment? Depends on your preferences. I'm all for debunking the 'climate change measures' virtue signaling which fixes nothing and saddles the US with detrimental regulations while leaving other polluters free to 'destroy the planet' for the time being....because the USA is 'bad' and people of color 'deserve a chance at prosperity too'...

But I'm against opening up more public environmental treasures to the oil and gas industry which has already capped off existing energy sources they already have access to in order to keep consumer prices high....

6. He got NATO allies to kick in $12 billion more toward our collective security. Decades of pleading by the Bush and Obama administrations failed to get NATO allies to meet their financial commitments to the alliance.

Excellent. Who gives a damn whether Merkel is whining about it?

5. He has virtually eliminated the Islamic State's physical caliphate. Trump removed the constraints Obama placed on our military and let it drive the terrorists from their strongholds.

Bravo! Obama failed here (on purpose IMO).

4. He admitted he was wrong on Afghanistan and reversed Obama's disastrous withdrawal. In a rare admission, Trump declared: "My original instinct was to pull out . . . But all my life, I've heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office. . . . A hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum for terrorists."

True, this. A President admitting that he was wrong, and correcting the error...we need more of that.

3. He enacted historic tax and regulatory reform that has unleashed economic growth. Trump signed the first comprehensive tax reform in three decades and removed the wet blanket of Obama-era regulations smothering our economy. We are now heading into our third consecutive quarter of above 3 percent growth.

3% growth. Better than the previous 8 years, but no qualitative change IMO. Trump's tariff approach has yet to bear fruit....

2. He is installing conservative judges who will preside for decades. With his appointment of Neil M. Gorsuch, Trump secured a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, and he is moving at record pace to fill the federal appeals courts with young conservative judges.

To the victor go the spoils. Conservatives will see this as a good, Progressives see it as an evil. *sigh*

1. He, not Hillary Clinton, was inaugurated as president. Trump delivered the coup de grace that ended the corrupt, dishonest Clinton political machine.

There are many other significant achievements that did not make the top 10. Trump has taken a clear, strong stand against the narco-dictatorship in Venezuela, and he renamed the "Asia-Pacific" the "Indo-Pacific" to include India in the larger task of preventing Chinese hegemony in Asia. Trump has made clear that he is willing to use force to stop North Korea from deploying nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of destroying U.S. cities — which has prompted China to finally put real pressure on Pyongyang. We'll see if it works.

Here is listed (as #1) the most important achievement: stopping the momentum of the Progressive agenda by defeating Hillary Clinton's bid for the Presidency. Of course the Presidency isn't in and of itself the seat of all the solutions we need enacted, but if it didn't matter the established political parties wouldn't fight so hard to control the Presidency would they?

In addition to the above, Newsweek identifies the following Trump contributions as well:

He helped public causes by donating his salary.
Trump hasn’t been forthcoming with his tax returns, so it’s hard to pin down his exact financial situation, but by the vast majority of accounts, he’s a rich man—and he’s sharing some of the wealth.

The president has chosen to forgo his annual federal salary of $400,000 and donate it quarterly to various public causes. ...donated his third quarter pay to opioid-addiction fighting efforts administrated by the Department of Health and Human Services.

His previous installment went to the Department of Education, and the first beneficiary of the commander-in-chief's largesse was the National Park Service.

Any other recent President done this? Hell no, but Progressives ignore this personal generosity.

His anti-immigrant rhetoric led to changes in reality... ... In April, border apprehensions hit a 17-year low, reflecting the fact that fewer undocumented immigrants were trying to get here, according to McClatchy. Between December 2016 and March 2017, Department of Homeland Security statistics showed an eye-popping 93 percent drop in apprehensions of parents and children trying to get across the border illegally from Mexico.

Many attribute that directly to Trump saying they wouldn't be welcome in the U.S. if they got here.

No wall, but it's a start....

He revolutionized how a president interacts with the public...
Plenty of people—some of them perhaps within the White House itself—might wish a little birdie would tell Trump to knock it off with the tweeting.

But whether you consider the president’s Twitter use the modern-day version of a fireside chat or just a plain Dumpster fire, it is impossible to deny that Trump has aggressively used social platforms to dodge the filter of the mainstream media...

His tweets are oftentimes asinine, no question about it, but he's "crazy like a fox" as they say: he has taken away a large portion of the mainstream media's monopoly on public information, enabling the office of President to communicate directly with the public without having to pass through unelected editors' and media owners' political biases.
Regarding number 8:
"Drives me nuts"? Lol!
Not quite!
"Too bad" the JS says?

It didn't drive me "nuts", but his doing so was "nuts", and it only costs the USA in both credibility and in security.
The same for the other items on the Neo-cons list of so-called "accomplishment​s" listed in those 2 articles linked.

"Accomplishments" for whom exactly?
The usual suspects or the JS most so!
Only a few crumbs for the actual Patriots.

What else isn't new?

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