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BapestaB is in the balance

Originally Posted by LoPull View Post
The "three kings of grab ass" is something I can totally understand...remind me never to embed with those guys. I've seen good stuff from the Dutch and Canadians but haven't been around those other guys...I guess I should count my blessings!!
Poland has been doing quite well so I cant complain about them, Canada I have to agree is a country I am proud of, even though they like to copy our military lol(all in good fun no harm meant).
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younoob is in the balance

too bad the brits didn't do it before
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grooovy1899 is in the balance

Originally Posted by peekay View Post
Your 'allies' have been fighting in Helmand with the Brits, Canadians and Danish rotating as to who's in charge of that theatre. Meanwhile you've been tied up, and blown up, in the pointless waste-of-fucking-time Iraq war. At least we're the ones fighting the Taliban and AQ on their home turf. You wander in and sit about a poxy wee village in Southern Helmand for a couple of days and try to kid on you're the ones doing all the fighting. Another case of America deciding to show up at the party years too late and making out you're the big heroes. If US forces had decided to 'get with the programme' years ago Helmand might not still be like this. Instead you've sat on your huffy wee arses up North leaving the daily fighting to the rest of us.

What a wank you are. Have you ever taken any incoming heat? Have you slogged it through the fucking open sewers and heat for days? I will never take away from what the Brits and Canucks are doing in the sandbox, why would you try and take away from us? My brother is serving right now and I took shrapnel in my right arm and side for that "pointless-waste-of-fucking-time war" I don't appreciate you calling my bleeding pointless. While I don't agree with why we went to Iraq, I still went. I don't agree with certain BS ROE but I abided by them. I get sick and tired of hearing people bitch about other countries and there "lack of involvement". The bottom line is, someone has to do it. Plain and simple. Rangers/SEALs/Green Berets and Spooks took that country over before anyone else......
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