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Originally Posted by Aquina1300 View Post

About 60% of Iraq are Shia Muslims and Iran is also 90%+ Shia Muslims but that's where the similarities end.

Iranians are Persians and Iraqis are Arabs. Iraqis speak Arabic and Iranians speak Farsi or Dari. There is a huge difference between the two peoples.

The problem here is that when Obama decided to ignore Iraq and not pursue a SOFA, The Shia in Iraq seized political power. They ignored every other minority group in Iraq and set up getting revenge on the Sunni Iraqi Arabs for Saddam's and the Baathists discriminatory rule.

The Sunni of course, did the stupidest thing imaginable. They decided to seek help from Sunni extremists like Al Qaeda and ISIS. Both of those radical groups were largely funded by asshole Islamic old men in UAE and Saudi Arabia. The old goat fuckers didn't give a damn about human rights or basic decency but rather started recruiting for more jihadi fighters and putting them on the drug Captagon which is like meth. So the Sunni became wantonly cruel and disgusting which the old man fanatics thought was great because Mohammed and sex slavery is fucking fantastic in their warped bedouin shit for brains tiny minds.

So the Shia of course, over-reacted because no one in that region actually takes a measured, proportional and nuanced approach to anything, they just go half cocked and immediately take the super highway express lane to mental crazy I was saying, the Iraqi Shia over-reacted and cozied up to the clerical regime. That of course was made a shit ton more easy because Obama was allowing the criminal global mafia of Hezbollah to run drugs throughout the world, including the U.S. and gave Iran ever advantage the skinny little shitstain Kendonesian could.

So here we are today......The Sunnis have largely settled down because Trump bombed the shit out of them and McCain's gravy train to terrorists ended. But the Iraqi Shia still haven't gotten the clue because they're really kind of stupid.

For the record, Sadr city isn't named for Maqtada al sadr, it's named for his grandfather. It's also the most desolate, impoverished, poorly educated and broken down part of Baghdad. Basically, the Shia supporters of Maqtada al Sadr are Iraq's version of hoodrats. The most educated, most civilized and most free group in Iraq are the Kurds and they actually do have a functioning democracy. They don't really care about anything outside their territory though which is probably a good thing for them. So they don't give a damn if the Shia in iraq go all Ayatollah, although I'm betting Ayatollah Sistani is no friend or supporter of Maqtada al Sadr.

The Shia in Iraq are so blind, they think democracy means their guy always gets to rule just because the Shia are the majority and democracy means majority rule to them with no deeper understanding or nuance. Thus they went to the bottom of the barrel and dug up Maqtada al Sadr to lead them.

It's probably the beginning of another round of war in Iraq but this time, I don't care. I don't even care at this point if they all start using Captagon and declaring caliphate on every damn block of Baghdad.
Youre wrong, Iranians are Arabs that speak the Persian language, the Kurds are the last Iranian people by blood in the region besides a few nomadic tribes up in the mountains. The Arab expansion decimated the indigenous Aryan population.
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