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My Dad - 1948-2017
theblue8 theblue8 is offline 11-23-2017, 04:37 AM
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Frank. What a guy. A man's man, as my godfather put it. SF - 5th Group in Vietnam his first tour. Signed up for a second tour, but met my mom on his leave home. Knocked her up. Ended up a door gunner in the 1st Cav for the second tour. Not sure that was a blessing.

Loud noises were never good. Any time he was working with power tools in his basement workshop you had to turn the lights on and off before entering so he knew not to take you down because you snuck up on him like a "dickhead." I remember him, a 5'8" little badass taking down a 6'5" burglar that broke into our neighbor's garage like it was nothing. Likely due to the fact that he was 2-time city wrestling champion in his younger years.

Alcoholic my first 3 and some change years on this planet. I remember the not-so-great days and how Mom wasn't having it. He said "fuck that" and never drank again. Ever.

Always there. No matter what, you involved yourself in our lives. You were my best pal, my mentor, my teacher, my coach. I used to hate the fact you were my coach sometimes. But deep down I knew the other kids didn't have that luxury. "Eye on the ball. Eye On The Ball. EYE ON THE BALL." I'll never forget. I can't promise I'll always follow through. I'm retarded.

We're all still in shock. We'll suck it up and drive on, though. Love you.


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