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Default Liveleak rules! Rules.

Yes, believe it or not we do have rules here on LiveLeak and this is where you can find them! Please adhere to them and try to understand why they’re in place because they’re all here for a good reason, and that reason isn’t even power tripping!

Media Rules:


Graphic media is accepted on on a case by case basis. We do not, and will not, accept every graphic video uploaded because LiveLeak isn’t a ‘gore’ site. We do understand the frustration some members feel about this but we have to ensure LiveLeak can continue to grow and flourish despite carrying strong media. We do NOT accept ‘gore’ compilations because your favourite real life deaths set to music aren’t our thing and probably aren’t good for you anyway.


Any video solely used to spam a product, service, site e.t.c. will be removed and the uploaders account may be banned without notice. Spamming links in the media title, description, or tags will result in the same. is an ad supported website, if you want to advertise please contact us.

We didn’t invent copyright laws but we do have to abide by them so please don’t vent at our staff If you have a video removed for copyright reasons. We follow the DMCA and all the rules it lays out including removing the accounts of repeat offenders. If you believe your media has been removed mistakenly please let us know via the support ticket system or our contact form and we will endeavour to rectify the situation. We’d also like to inform anyone coming over here from certain other sites looking to abuse the DMCA for their own benefit that we’ll ban you hard and good because that’s illegal too.


Members do occasionally complain that they can’t upload pornography to LiveLeak. We understand you have needs and want to share with others but we did hear a rumour that you can use this thing called “GOOGLE SEARCH” and find all manner of sites where PEOPLE HAVE NO CLOTHES ON!!! I know, right? We were surprised to find out that stuff was out there too. Seeing as there’s apparently no shortage we do ask you don’t share pornography on LiveLeak. It will be rejected.


This includes, but is certainly not limited to, bestiality, animal cruelty (context dependent), and how to build an atom bomb in your shed using only the items you can find in a kitchen cupboard. Please think about whether what you’re uploading is legal, if it isn’t legal where you live you COULD find yourself under scrutiny from your local law enforcement making our infractions seem a little tame by comparison. Obviously serious breaches of this rule (child pornography, uploader involved in serious criminal activity) will see us handing any information we do hold on you (IP, Mail Address, Time stamps) to the relevant authorities.


We fully get how the Internet leads to, shall we say, robust discussion. That being said any video uploaded solely to attack another member might well be deleted. Complaining that “It took me hours” or “What about my freedom of speech?” won’t help.


Criticism is fine, even if it’s wide of the mark. We aren’t precious or delicate. That being said anything which can harm the site will be removed. Also, the staff can’t and won’t respond in kind so any outlandish attacks on them will see your media removed and account scrutinised. Our staff are here to keep the site running and online, they do not act in a malicious manner towards members because members are quite important to a user generated media site.

Comment Rules:


Yes, we get that you didn’t like what someone said about your country / religion / favourite car but that isn’t a good reason to lay into them and insult their mother. If reported and reviewed there’s a good chance such a comment will earn you an infraction. Claiming it shouldn’t matter because “It’s just the Internet” will see us putting you in the imaginary list of dumb people to punish.


Commercial spam will result in an immediate ban of any account. Any other member spamming in one or more threads repeatedly (text or image) will receive infractions and possibly the removal of their account.


You must not post the personal information of another member. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone full stalker on them or found it where they’ve posted it on another site you must not share it here. The exception to this would be that the person concerned has already shared said information right here on If that’s the case it’s their choice. This includes photographs BTW.


Yes, it’s always fun to take someone’s image and manipulate it in the image editing software of your choice. The caveat is that if the owner of that image isn’t happy we’ll remove it, further uploads of the same image will result in infractions.

We do not tolerate racial slurs on We may occasionally look at context but on the whole we’d prefer it if you didn’t post them. The reason for this is not an issue of sensitivity but rather us not wanting to fail and, unchecked, slurs would genuinely hurt the site. Please don’t use them, you can surely manage to put across your point without them and your ‘freedom of speech’ isn’t affected.

We can’t force people not to be ignorant and we can’t legislate people into being more tolerant. No matter how ignorant we personally find racism it’s not our place nor responsibility to beat it out of people. Racism is a part of the human condition and it’s found in people of all creeds and colours. The only way to combat it is to listen to each other and being overtly politically correct and punishing people for views they’ve probably had instilled in them from a young age isn’t going to help with that, quite the opposite. Whilst we will draw the line at the more extreme forms of racism we aren’t going to tell people who to like. Talk to each other, reason with one another, and accept ignorance is only defeated (if it can be defeated, it can’t always) with enlightenment.

Threatening other members is not cool and is sometimes illegal depending on what you’re threatening them with. Ideally you’ll sort it out between yourselves before we have to get involved. Any serious threats will be dealt with immediately but we ask you to keep in mind that if you have an anonymous username and nobody knows where you live then a threat coming from a person in another country isn’t actually putting your life in imminent danger so we might try and resolve such a situation without banning everyone concerned and sending in the military.

The clue is in the title. Private Messages are indeed private and you really shouldn’t share them on the site. If you have an issue with private messages from other members please remember that you can block them. If you believe you need staff to look into it we’d ask you keep in mind that neither mods nor admins can simply look at your PM’s. LiveLeak isn’t set up that way.

It’s just rude and dumb, don’t mistake criticism for being an absolute buffoon. If you attack the staff we’ll issue you with infractions and / or ban you. It’s pretty simple.



We aren’t here to protect anyone’s gods nor are we here to protect atheism. If someone insults your god (or…er…lack of god) then you can either discuss it or suck it up. If you simply lash out and attack someone for it you’ll simply get infractions. We will dismiss any requests to protect a religion and if you repeatedly report comments simply because someone else is saying something nasty about your god / messiah / scientific beliefs then we’ll take away your ability to report comments.


Someone insulting your nation or nationality isn’t a reason to insult their mother. Be adult about these things, if you’re so convinced your nation of birth is so amazing you have to be proud of being born there why would you care what a foreigner says anyway? Discuss or move on.


We understand some members are horrified by the idea our mods are anonymous. Whilst we’d obviously never point out the hypocrisy of such complaints by people using anonymous usernames on the Internet we might point out that this method allows us to recycle mod accounts and protect the identity of the mod so that – if they are a member of the site – they can continue to enjoy the site without people getting on their case.

Most often claimed by people who repeatedly break the rules. Funny that.


The accusation of bias is one we obviously see quite often. Mostly it’s made by people who’ve broken our rules in some way and decided that indicates a bias on the part of the staff. As an organisation LiveLeak remains as unbiased and non-partisan as it can be. One way of achieving this is by having people on staff from many different countries, beliefs, and backgrounds and having nobody being able to act without accountability.
Where we think there is merit in the complaint we will investigate the actions of the mod concerned.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! is a privately owned site. As such we reserve the right to remove any media or accounts without notice or explanation. We also reserve the right to refuse you an account without entering into correspondence.
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