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Originally Posted by the demon View Post
Kinda funny how yet again, something comes back to bite the Democrats in the ass. At first they and their Democrat media spoke so well of these masked thugs, calling them anything but what they actually were.

I wish the RINOS in the Republican Party would feel a few stings more often as well. I'm not saying i wish McCain would just hurry and die. I'm just saying i wish McCain would just hurry and die.
Remember, it was originally Obama, Hillary and Chuck Schumer who were calling for "resistance". Just by doing that, they moved the far left from legitimate political opposition to disloyal mobs.

Loretta Lynch released a video in which she said the political opposition for more marches, blood and death.

The media as well, has been encouraging this insane behavior.

The premise is that everyone who isn't an ally of the approved "minority" group, is somehow racist, sexist, homophobic or Islamophobic. Then, they said it's okay to punch them because it's punching a Nazi and they're literally Hitler. In practice, it's become that the far left, led by kooky professors and Democrat leaders and the hysterical media, legitimized any violence against people who aren't sufficiently left wing.

now, they realize how their violence isn't popular and they're scared because they know, in all special elections post Election 2016, they got their butts handed to them.

Look at where they are........there isn't a single issue that the Democrat party is not extreme on. Every position their platform is build on reduces economic prosperity and erodes personal freedom especially of personal conscience and is designed to denigrate the predominant culture.

On race, those idiots are telling white men to shut up and repeatedly calling for an end to whiteness.

On the weird sex issues, they're insisting that some perverted men are really women (and better at being women than real women.....sheesh). They think the under representation of women in tech fields and special forces is due to discrimination rather than actual differences in biology, interests, life choices etc.

On climate change, they want fear monger for the implementation of policies that really wouldn't have any effect but would definitely hurt our economy.

On race, they want to continually accuse the police and any white appearing American of racism, murderous racism, but fail to address the social pathologies they've been encouraging for generations among the black population such as a 72% out of wedlock birth rate, the high murder rate, the crappy schools and dependence on welfare.

On defense an the geopolitical world, they have literally taken the side of Iran against the western world. They've lost a war that was virtually won in Iraq. Started a war in Libya that led to a horrific war in Syria and then decided it was a good idea to bring in a bunch of radicalized fools into the U.S.

On immigration, they want to destroy all borders and the effects on social services, worker's pay etc be damned. My gosh, do we remember when Mexican school kids were encouraged by lefty teachers to fly the Mexican flags and were humiliating kids who wanted to wear or fly the American flag?

Like I said, there's not one issue in which the Democrat party is on the side of prosperity and security for the actual citizens of the U.S. This is why they endorsed Antifa, BLM violence and are only now realizing that their intimidation tactics have backfired. Too little, too late...they literally waited until most of the country saw the violence for what it was....politically organized fanatics pushing a hateful anti American agenda.
If we mean to have heroes, statesmen and philosophers, we should have learned women.-Abigail Adams
this is not CNN or FOX (we're probably more accurate!)-LL Hayden
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Yeah but they're Moozlims. Kill 'em all! -Wimbly
In other words it's always their fault for not voting Republican. - Wimbly
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