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I literally can't work out the stage of the problem from the banter in here you people are having but two problems come to mind with this problem

1. Dust in the computer. If you have eliminated software out of the problem and believe its a hardware issue, give the insides a blow. I was even with a mate once who was getting all chuffed at me for showing off his big dick rig, and pop! monitor went dead. Tore the case apart and got rid of the cobwebs. Common resolution

2. Improperly inserted new hardware. If you have recently upgraded a component such as a video card, or caused the computer physical strain ie. moved house recently, had an earthquake, put it on a bouncy castle and jumped up on and down on it, then it will likely have components loose (loose RAM, loose sound card etc) again this can be the reason why it works in safe mode or not because in safe mode you disregard a lot of the motherboard use.

3. Driver issue. These are very difficult to solve and may be due to any random problem, like a corrupt file, random virus, overprotective antimalware program, etc. you can fight this out sometimes but this is when you usually need to install a new OS.
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