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Default Chat Rules

LiveLeak Chat terms and conditions.

By using the chat service you agree to the following:

(i) General:

1) All rooms are subject to the site rules which can be found on our FAQ page. Failure to follow these rules could see you ejected from chat or the entire network (Main site, forum, chat).

2) Chat operators names will have the LLCM prefix. If you have an issue with chat itself or a particular user please send a private chat message to the LLCM, if none are around you can use teh support forums or submit a ticket on the main site.

3) Anyone making a spoof moderator account will have all their original account banned across the network.

4) Anyone found to be sending malicious or illegal content (including, but not limited to, copywritten material, warez, or virus) via LiveLeak chat will have their account disabled. reserves the right to take further action by reporting the member concerned to their ISP or to any relevant authority depending on the severity of the case.

5) Mic hogging (holding down push to talk for no reason e.t.c.) will result in you being ejected from chat. On occasions moderators might ask you to limit your time on mic to ensure everyone gets to chat. This is not a personal thing nor a judgement on your opinion.

6) Music. The streaming of music (Including playing your own instruments) is only allowed in the "Barnesy's Pub" room, or a user created room. Anyone playing music in the other rooms faces being kicked and eventually banned if they continue. If members abuse this rule we will return to disallowing music in chat once again so please help us avoid that.

7) Although is an adult oriented chat and you might well be proud of your genitalia we would prefer it if you didn't show off your pride and joy on camera.

8) The recording of another members video or audio streams with the intention of posting them elsewhere without the other member's permission is strictly prohibited.

9) If a complaint is made about you an admin can access your video stream without permission (See " iv Privacy").

10) A private message, audio chat, or video chat, is private and should remain so. Do not repost any content from a private conversation without the prior permission of the person(s) concerned. The only exception to this would be for the purpose of reporting an individual to site staff.

11) Chat avatars. Chat avatars should follow the general site rules. No nudity or graphic / pornographic images are allowed.

12 Anyone found to be purposefully disrupting chat, driving away users through poor, or threatening, behaviour, or spamming another site in chat will be kicked or banned. In some cases you might find yourself banned across the network.

(ii) User Rooms

1) Premium users have the ability to create user rooms and password protected user rooms. It is the members responsibility to name the room within our rules. Failure to do so will result in the room being deleted and could result in you being banned.

User rooms must also follow the site rules at all times. You are responsible for the content of your room. If members are breaking the rules you should eject them and report their activities to an LLCM. Failure to do so could see your room removed. Repeated violations will see your ability to create user rooms taken from you.

3) Room owners have the ability to remove members from their rooms. They are not obliged to explain their decisions. We advise room owners not to abuse this feature.

4) Moderators and admins can access any room (including password protected rooms) without permission from the room owners.

(iii) Other Information:

1) is a private web site and as such reserves the right to refuse access to any portion of the network without prior notice. User rooms are also allowed only at the discretion of

2) If you are ejected or banned from chat do not simply make another account to come back in and complain as you will simply be banned again. If you feel you have been unfairly treated please submit a support ticket through the main site and your issue will be looked into.

3) Be polite and aware at all times. If your volume is too high, please take it down via settings. Show your fellow chatters the same courtesy you would expect.

4) Do not accept files from members you do not know. If anyone tries to send you an .exe file please reject the transfer and contact an LLCM as soon as possible.

5) Be aware of who is in the room, do not give out too much personal information where people you do not know can hear.

(iv) Privacy: believes in our members right to privacy. We will not access a members private messages or private chats (text, audio, or video) unless (a) There is a complaint of a serious nature against you. Or (b) Information is requested by a recognised legal authority.

All staff will act with the utmost discretion and tact at these times.


Each room may have it's own guidelines. In the case of user owned rooms the owner will doubtless make these clear but for the LL rooms please read the following:


A general area with no set topic. Although chat topics can often veer into all manner of subject matter we would prefer members avoid in depth / heated political or religious debate in this room. If a mod asks you to take such a debate to the relevant room please comply or risk being ejected from chat.


For any kind of political discussion.


For any kind of religious discussion.

Barnesy's Pub

Music, karaoke, and no set topic. Just hang out and enjoy yourself. If quite a few people want to play some tunes please be respectful of each other and don't hog the mic. NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS DEBATE IN THIS ROOM! Also please check the user events section in the forums. If Papapang2007 is holding a Karaoke event it will be in this room.

User Events

A room available for use for user events. Please check the forums for details of events and topics.

LiveLeak Debate (temp)

A room used for the official LiveLeak debates. There is no permanent link to a debate room so please enter chat via another room then choose the Debate room from your rooms list. Debate rooms will only go live on the day of a debate and will be removed no later than the following day.

Premium Chat

Do as thou will. Vent Station rules apply.
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